“M” wireless speaker from Nude Audio


Nude Audio offers a new line of portable Bluetooth speakers called Move with three size variations, S,M,L, which stands for small, medium, and large. I received the M model to review. It is about 3 ¾ inches square.

This portable speaker delivers a crisp sound so much better than a tinny phone speaker that it is a nice asset to have in your home, garden, at a barbecue or on a boat. It has a cord attached so you have hang it or wear it around your wrist.

With an eight hour battery life, there is plenty of oomph to last through most listening sessions. I found the Bluetooth connectivity to be seamless and zippy, which isn’t always the case. It delivers a full spectrum of sounds with crystal clear treble and heart throbbing base, which is surprising for such a small speaker. I was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a fun video to watch to see these speakers in action: http://nudeaudio.com/overview/

In addition to being a nice portable speaker it is also a speakerphone. When connected to your phone, it will automatically stop music playback and broadcast your call, which makes it an ideal handsfree unit when you are multitasking or driving. When the call is done, it will revert to your music playback.

It is available in black and grey and costs $79.99. Grab one here.

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