Cellink U: a veritable Swiss Army Knife

What will Cellink U do for you? It's an amazing multifunctional Swiss Army Knife everyone will want to have in his or her pocket.

It's a power backup. If you run out of battery on your mobile device, Cellink U can come to the rescue. It will give you an extra 90 minutes of talk time. or two days of standby time. It is supposed to give your device battery a 40% charge boost. It can be used with phones, GPS, cameras, and other mobile devices.

You can charge this Cellink Uback up battery pack from your computer, car, or AC source. It comes with a regular USB male adapter and a Micro USB male adapter. As it is, it's set up for connecting to Android and Windows mobile devices. With an appropriate cable it will work for IOS and those goofy connectors as well. However, there is also a Cellink I with the Apple proprietary adapter. It will charge simultaneously with a mobile device if connected .

It functions as a data link to synchronize cell phonea and computers. It will transfer photos, videos, and data files. It has a micro USB card reader tor an easy, portable way of transferring data. So, the size of its data storage depends on the size of the Micro USB card you use.


• Charging Current/ Voltage: 500mA/5 Volt
• Available Battery Type: Li-ion, Li-polymer
• Built-in Battery: Li-Polymer 600 MAh/3.7V
• Support micro SD/SDHC card
• Protection: Charging system of contant voltage with limited current
• Hot Plug & Charge, Hot Plug & Play functions
• High Transfer Rate: 20 MG/sec (read); 8MB/sec (write)
• Thee LED indicator when device is in use:Blue for data transfer; Red for charging, Green for fully charged
• Interface: USB 1.1, USB 2.0
• Size: 29mm wide x 75mm long x 15 mm high
• Output connector: Micro USB

It comes in a handsome gray plastic case that houses and protects the USB tangs. The diminutive package fits nicely in your pocket or a purse.

Go here to acquire your own: http://www.usbcelldrive.com/products/cellink-u-mobile-charger-and-card-reader-micro-usb/. The cost is $54.95.

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