G-Pak Organizer for Digital Devices


It never hurts to get more organized, so let’s state a case for it. Enter the G-Pak organizer to the rescue. Here’s a small carrying unit that will work for all your electronic gadgets and accessories including iPad, tablet, Smartphone, and gaming handhelds.

This black nylon case measures 10x9x2.5 inches. It has a handle on top and a shoulder strap. In the front are snap clasps the allow two panels with pockets for accessories to hinge open. There’s places here for pens, styli, memory cards, and business cards.

A double zippered front panel opens the case for stowage of your electronic devices and peripherals such as cables and chargers. On the well-padded rear wall is a Velcro strap to secure a device and hold it in place. There are two padded moveable dividers with Velcro on the ends to attach to the side walls to create compartments for gadgets.

The zippered flap contains three expandable pockets. I can barely squeeze my Galaxy S3 in the middle compartment, but the side compartments work fine for smaller units such as iPhones and iPods.

There is also a removable panel with netted pocket compartments for business cards (six pockets) and pockets for 15 standard size SD memory cards. Does anyone need pockets for 15 memory cards? I’mknot sure what else you could put in there besides pills. I suppose serious gamers would appreciate this stowage.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to fit your Chromebook, Mac Book Air or other slim laptop type computer. But then it doesn’t make ice cream either.

All in all, if you are looking for a compact carrying case for your smaller digital devices, the G-Pak Organizer fits the bill and offers superb protection at the same time.

If you’re wondering how much this toter will set you back, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $24.95, but I’ve seen there for just $19.95 here: http://bit.ly/YSarDj

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