i-Mego Throne Headphones


If you want to enter a new dimension of sound that envelops you with a profound presence of depth, vibration, and subtle tones with a throbbing base punctuation, the Golden Throne headphones are perfect for your escape into audio ecstasy.

Not only are these beauties a sound sensation, they are a work of art with unique and classy styling unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They snuggle up over your ears and comfortably envelope you sealing you into your own environment insulated from the outside world. What a treat.

The genuine leather headband has signature i-Mego stitching. The memory foan ear pads provide pillow soft comfort.
These headphone also allow you to make and receive phone calls with the press of a button conveniently located on the cord just below your chin. Press the button to receive a call and to talk on the built-in microphone or to put a call on hold. Unfortunately, there is not volume control. But, I suppose that is really redundant and easily handled on the phone or sound transmitting device.

The packaging is a class act too, which to me always signals a superior product. In the box, you get a nice, nylon, black travel pouch for the earphones. There is a ¼” stereo adaptor and a 3.5 mm Nokia adaptor.

The Throne headphones come in two colors, gold and poison. The Poison model is gunmetal and dark purple. The suggested retail price is $129.99, and they are available here: http://bit.ly/XsVgTE

It is interesting to note that the Gold model emphasizes the base tones, while the Poison model focuses on vocals and crisp acoustics.

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