A must have accessory

clip_image002Proporta.com, the case place and purveyor of great gadgets and peripheral PDA paraphernalia has come up with a nifty, new gadget I think you will want to have too.

Do you ever get tired of those suction cups falling off your windshield and your GPS, MP3, or PDA goes crashing on the floor while in the middle of a traffic jam? That sucks. Well, here’s another solution that doesn’t suck.

It’s so simple that it makes you wonder why it didn’t appear long ago instead of the suction cup solution.

The Proporta magnetic dashboard mount is a little over 3 inches long and a shade over an inch wide. It attaches firmly to wherever you place it on your dash with a super strong adhesive on the back. Just peel off the protective covering and stick it on.

It also comes with a round detachable metal disk about the size of a quarter. Remove the disk, and attach it to whatever device you wish by means of the stickum on the back. It’s so thin that it is completely unobtrusive.

clip_image004Now you just place your mobile device of choice on the dashboard unit. It attaches firmly magnetically, and it guaranteed not to fall off and turn your PDA into a laptop computer. Proporta recommends not using it for objects weighing over about four ounces. Many of my PDAs weigh around six ounces, but I haven’t had any trouble with them.

Check it out at www.proporta.com. One could be yours for only $12.95, which is way cheaper than a suction window mount for which you can easily pay $50. The Proporta Website says it comes with two disks so that you can use it for more than one device, but mine only came with one disk. I guess Proporta owes me a disk.

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