Powerocks SuperMagic Stick 2800mAh


Running out of hunk on your phone or tablet is about as stupid and frustrating and running out of gas in your car. Few of us carry a spare gas can in our car but you can easily carry the new 2800 mAh MagicStick by Powerocks.

The MagicStick is a brush aluminum cylinder that measures 21.7 mm in diameter and 86 mm long. It weighs only 80g so it will fit nicely in your pocket or bag or purse.

To charge the unit fully takes about five hours. To charge a phone or tablet takes about two hours. There is enough power to charge your phone at least two times.

There is a button on one end that if depressed will glow different colors indicating the power level left for charging. On the other end are two USB ports, a stand one and a micro port. These are for charging the unit and charging an external device. To charge the unit, connect the micro port to the supplied cable and plug the other end into a power source. To charge an external device, plug into the standard USB port and plug the other end into the device you want to charge. If you need a proprietary cable to charge your device, you will have to supply your own.
This would be the case for Apple products for instance.

The suggested retail price for these attractive lifesavers is $49, but you can get one here for only $35. There is also a 2600 mAh model available for $25. They come in your choice of black, gold, purple, pink, red, and blue.

Of course you can charge more than a phone or tablet with the Magicstick. You could use it to charge a Bluetooth speaker or headset for example. In any case, the Magicstick is a small, portable solution to supply extra power when you need it. It’s a great insurance policy for just chump change. You really shouldn’t leave home without one. Every road warrior should have one in him bag of tricks for sure.

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