Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger


A problem every photographer faces is making the camera shake or move when making an exposure. Well, the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger eliminates that problem—as long as you have a Bluetooth ready camera, which probably means a DSLR unit. Then you will be able to control the trigger from your Smartphone with the proper app.

There are three different shooting modes available.

The regular mode allows the photographer to use a Smartphone to control the camera shutter at will. It’s a great way to include the photographer in the picture.

The manual mode allows for long exposures or bulb mode in cases where light is limited or you want to create star trails. This mode features a focus button and a shutter lock.

The timed mode converts a Smartphone into a full-featured intervalometer. This mode can then be used for advanced photo techniques like time-lapses.

The trigger unit requires two AAA batteries, but the project battery life is two years. The Bluetooth operating range is 50 feet, which should be more than adequate.

So, if you want to make your Smartphone even smarter and take some great pictures with our DSLR camera, this gadget is for you. The suggested retail price is $44.99, and you can get one here: I’ve seen them on eBay for less though.

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