Seidio Convert Case for Nexus 4: a triple whammy


As far as I’m concerned, this case has it all. It’s really like three cases in one.

If you’re looking for rugged protection, it gives you a highly shock absorbent silicone case that will survive an elephant stampede and being dropped from tall buildings.

If you need attachment and portability, it comes with a uniquely designed belt clip that will protect the face of your device and hold it securely on your belt at the same time. It accommodates belts up to 1.5 inches wide.
If you are concerned about protecting your screen, it comes with a patented Surface screen that is tough, scratch resistant, and adheres without adhesive and leaves no bubbles.

To add yet another highly desirable dimension, it also has a built-in kickstand so you can watch videos and type with a remote keyboard, which is great for productivity. You could write a novel with this case. However, I have to take away one brownie point because the kickstand only works in the landscape position. You would think they could have figured out how to make it work in the portrait position.

Of course, it has all the appropriate cutouts to give you access to buttons, ports, and camera.
So, in the final analysis, this case offers a quadruple whammy, all for the suggested retail price of $54.95, that just $13.74 per feature. But, I have seen them here for only $49.95 including shipping, and even cheaper on eBay.

If I had a Nexus 4, this would be the case for me. It has all the features in one case that make it the perfect case and a great solution for protecting your investment. Go Seidio! Good work.

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