Spb Weather 2.0—Don’t leave home without it


Clearly, weather plays an important role in our lives and can sometimes be a matter of life and death. Therefore, it is important to have ready access to these data, and what could be more convenient than having it in the palm of your hand on the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device?

Spb Weather 2.0 offers many attractive features in addition to the basic weather stats. It has a 3D globe, satellite images, temperature forecast movies, sky forecast movies, and an improved integration with Spb Mobile Shell and a finger friendly animated navigation approach.

You can add up to 10 favorite cities, which can be easily swapped or removed. While there is an onboard database of 10,000 cities, I found it lacking for my preferences. For instance, I was born in Santa Barbara, CA and like to keep track of the weather there. I was surprised that it was not in the database even though it’s the largest city in the county and the county seat while Santa Maria, a much smaller city was included. I now live in the state of Idaho where only two cities are listed for the entire state. Yes, it is possible to search for cities by zip code, airport code, or name and add them to the database. However, when I did this, no weather data were displayed, which was a disappointment.

Curiously, the weather city list that comes with Spb Mobile Shell does have my missing cities such as Moscow, ID and Santa Barbara, CA. And, the weather does display for these cities. So, go figure. Obviously the two weather programs are independent of one another with Mobile Shell’s being superior as far as the database is concerned.

Of course you can change the units of measurement and choose your favorite view. There are three weather sources available, and you can select your own, if you wish, from a list of 40 source templates that you can install for free.

The Today screen plug-in is a handy way to display your weather the moment you turn on your device. You can choose the display mode and determine what data will appear. The display can be in a multi-line view, or if you want to save screen space, you can have each city tabbed. Tap on the city displayed for a popup of even more detailed information and forecasts.

I was a little bit surprised that the Weather icon in Mobile Shell takes you to the set up panel instead of the today screen display.

While Spb Weather may not be the most robust weather program available, it is certainly more than adequate and worth your consideration. I am, however, concerned about the glitch in data lacking for cities added that are not in the existing database and hope that this will be corrected.

Grab your copy at www.spbsoftwarehouse.com. The registered version costs $19.95. You can try it free for 15 days. Owners of the previous version may upgrade for only $9.95.

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