SPBOnline expands TV lineup


I recently reviewed SPB’s new Online product. My concluding remarks were as follows:


The presentation of SPB Online is slick with its colorful, finger-friendly interface that is easy to use and gives access to some worthwhile free content. On the other hand, there seems to be an excessive focus on a lot of stuff that costs money, in which case I wonder about the wisdom of charging $30 for the program. I think too that while the TV functionality is exemplary, the content is extremely limited and users should be able to add selections from the Internet. There may be some restrictions that I’m not aware of, but if it’s possible on the radio, why not TV?

Perhaps the SPB Online is in its infancy, but, as it matures, I would certainly expect to see the possibility of adding more content buttons like other similar programs have.


As I had hoped or predicted, the TV aspect of the program is continuing to develop. In fact, it has now increased to over 40 channels in 11 languages. The good news is that it is still free unlike some other carrier based premium subscription services. It offers a TV guide and an option for setting Outlook reminders.

In addition to TV, Online also offers Radio, Online Gaming, Weather, News reader, and an On-Device Catalog.

Online costs $30 and is available from the developer at www.spbsoftwarehouse.com.

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