Toddy Gear’s New Brandable Pocket Toddy


I’ve written about Toddy Gear’s great, two sided screen and lens cleaning cloths. They have come up with a great new idea for a promotional product that should be of much interest to businesses and consumers alike.

It will be of interest to businesses because it will be a change to promote their brand and get a product in customers and potential customer’s hands that will be used, seen often, and appreciated. You can print your logo or message all over it.

Consumers will appreciate receiving this promotional item because it is useful and a valuable gift. I doubt if they will mind the promotional angle because it is a practical item they will use often.

It is an improvement over the regular Toddy Cloth because it folds into its own pocket and can be easily stored in a bag or pocket. It can also be attached to a key chain. All in all it’s a cleverly conceived concept.

I should mention that the Toddy Cloth does a thoroughly efficient job of keeping your screen or lens spick and span, free of prints and smudges.

Prices start at $7.00 per unit for lots of 250. Click HERE to see the Pocket Toddy in action. . Visit the developer’s website at

As a consumer, you'll have to find a company that is giving them away if you want one.

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