12gb MicroSDHC Cards From Sandisk, but How About Processors?



If you love to jam as much into those tiny MicroSD cards as possible (I confess, I'm guilty of that myself) then you will be happy to learn that Sandisk is producing 12gb MicroSDHC cards. The announcement (back in January) was quickly followed in February by the announcement that 16gb cards would soon be available. The announcement stated that the release of the 16gb cards would be in June, but they apparently did not reach that release date. The technology world never ceases to amaze me.

Looking over this information, along with the new and upcoming mobile devices, reminded me that we are getting ever closer to replacing, or at least having the option to replace, the ever present laptop. However, as much as I feel excited about the jumps we are seeing in card technology, I have to wonder why we are not seeing more impressive jumps in processor efficiency. Of course one big problem is having the battery power to keep that processor running for enough time to make it worth having...which begs the question, "Where are the leaps and jumps in battery technology?" For many of us, it seems that some areas of the technology world is screaming along at a frightening pace, while other areas drag along. The truth is somewhere in the middle, of course.

I would be interested in hearing from our readers. What realistic technology leaps do you feel the Windows Mobile world should see next? What areas (other than the user interface...we have had A LOT of discussion on that) do you feel have been neglected in relation to technological improvements? I would love to hear your feelings, either pro or con when it comes to technology advancements in Windows Mobile. I look forward to hearing your comments.

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