Great Freeware To Improve Your Windows Mobile Experience

Great Freeware To Improve Your Windows Mobile Experience

One of my favorite activities when it comes to Pocket PCs and Smartphones is trying out new software. I am constantly amazed at the vast array of software available and the diverse functions Windows Mobile can perform. For the mobile user, there is plenty of choice when it comes to the applications you can use.

Most mobile software developers offer free trials for those who are interested in their applications. This gives you a chance to try out the functions, and to see if it meets your needs before laying out hard earned money. However, there is also an incredible amount of freeware applications available that will cost the user absolutely nothing!

Several sites on the internet specialize in freeware offerings for Windows Mobile devices. These sites are filled with applications that have been provided by developers who run the gamut from those working to build a name in the mobile device software world, to experienced programmers offering their well-established freeware applications to the general public.

Most freeware sites have reviews attached to the software they offer. These reviews should give you an idea of past user’s experiences with the application and help you decide if it is something you might want to try out. Some sites will have a rating system that lets you focus on those programs that have the highest user rating, and avoid those that may not work so well.

There are literally thousands of Windows Mobile freeware applications available on the internet (what did we ever do before the web?) but I thought I would share some of the software I have found useful. There have been several other applications I have used in the past, but currently do not use for one reason or another. The ones I mention here are those that are currently loaded on my mobile device.

Kevtris – This Tetris clone is as addictive as the original. I have kept most of my “gaming†on my iPaq hx2795, since it has a more powerful processor. I have kept my 8525 focused on business use, but I just HAD to load this one for those “nothing to but wait†times. It can definitely help pass the time.

ADBIdea-Like Hal Goldstein, I am a believer in the advantages of Mindmapping software. While ADBIdea is not true mind mapping software, I have found it very useful in training class development and new class idea creation. I can simply pile different pieces of information into different categories within ADBIdea, and reorganize later. I also use it to organize all the handouts, presentations and spreadsheets that go with particular classes, so it has also served as a great organization tool once classes are developed and scheduled.

Converter CE and MSS Converter-While most of the world has adopted the metric system as a measurement standard, the United States seems bent on maintaining our current system of measurement. Having been in the military, and having travelled abroad for many years, I have become quite comfortable with the metric system. However, there are often times when I need to convert certain measurements into other units, and such converters are easy and quick to use.

Google Maps-Even without a GPS, one will find that Google Maps is a very useful application. One can easily find directions based upon addresses entered into the program, and it provides useful maps and even aerial views of the location you choose. The maps are also scrollable.

HandyShopper-Here is an application I used when I started with my first Palm. I enjoyed the ability of HandyShopper to assist with grocery shopping and keeping track of needed items. I am prone to forget the items I need when I go to the store, so shopping lists are a must for me. HandyShopper allows the user to enter items, prices, stores and even aisle locations of articles at their favorite stores. HS can locate best prices of the items you choose, and it can be used to keep track of items you have at home, or need to pick up on your next shopping trip…HS will even build a shopping list for you. HS also allows you to enter prices, including local tax, so that you know exactly how much you will pay in the checkout lane. I have even used this application to keep track of chores that need to be completed around the house, and to make “needs†lists at work when developing new training.

KeePass-If you are an internet junky, then you probably have several user names and passwords for various sites. Needless to say, keeping one common password to use on every site equals disaster if anyone ever learns of it. KeePass allows you to keep track of the UserIDs and Passwords and even the URLs where each is used. It also features several categories in which you can file IDs based upon their subject matter.

LiveSearch-This is a useful tool for finding directions, looking for certain types of businesses in a particular area, or conducting quick searches. On my device I have a LiveSearch bar on my today screen that allows me to simply type in a search subject, at which point LiveSearch opens an internet browser and displays links based on the search criteria. LiveSearch was useful recently on a trip to Branson, MO when we were not sure of the location of our hotel. It is an item I would probably be willing to pay for, so I am thrilled that it is free.

Microsoft Reader-Any subscriber to Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine who reads the electronic version probably already has MS Reader. Reader is also useful for a number of other publications, as well as a healthy supply of e-books.

Mobile Secretary-This phone device application allows you to set up an SMS message that is sent to anyone on a mobile phone when you miss a call. If you find yourself in situations where answering the phone is difficult at best, this can be a good way to let people know what is going on. It can also be used to provide directions to a social gathering if you find you have to provide them to a great number of attendees. Instead of answering, you can simply let Mobile Secretary send an SMS with directions to all those who call. The number of uses is only limited by your own ingenuity.

My Mobiler-If you seek a way to control your mobile device from your PC, want to copy and paste items from your PC to PPC, or you want to get screen shots from your device, My Mobiler is the application you need.

PocketDict-PocketDict is one of the few pocket dictionaries available out there. I have been pleasantly surprised by the completeness of this dictionary, and I suggest it to all Windows Mobile users.

TCPMP-On my list of freeware, TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) ranks as one of the best available. The list of file types supported is impressive. I keep a few movies on my device for those unavoidable boring times that seem to hit at the most inconvenient times. TCPMP also allows you to create music playlists that can be saved and accessed later. This is definitely one of the most powerful freeware titles out there.

XSForms-Along with the desktop component, XSDesigner, this application lets one build custom multi-paged databases. I use XSForms to track training class activities, survey responses and even some of my favorite hobbies.

Yahoo! Go-Yahoo! Go is a self-contained application that provides access to email, weather information, news in various categories and it includes a mobile search engine that optimizes web pages for your Windows Mobile device. The “carousel†is a scrollable bar at the bottom of the page that helps you access the particular items you might need. The individual news and weather pages let you choose your location, or the type of news you find most interesting. I find it a good way to systematically check news, weather and email before the workday begins.

There are many freeware applications I am either now using, or have used in the past, that I left out of my list. If I were to provide details on each and every program, I would end up writing a book. Suffice it to say, there are more than enough choices for the frugal minded. I will say that some developers have links on their web sites that allow users to donate if they can. I encourage you to do so when you find that outstanding application that you find useful on a daily basis. These donations often make it possible for the application creator to continue to improve their applications.

If you are curious about freeware titles, I recommend checking out the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine “Best Sites†link under “Downloads†for further information.

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