Great Software for the Modern Lewis and Clark

I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by stories of great explorers throughout history. I guess it is the idea of people going beyond the limitations others have imposed upon themselves and discovering something new, exciting and even a little dangerous. Vikings travelling thousands of miles in open top ships, Columbus trekking across an unknown sea and Sir Edmund Hillary reaching the summit of Everest…these are stories that intrigue me. To be the first to travel to an unknown land or location, or to find a place where no footprint has been left before, in my mind, that would be exciting.

With this in mind, it is little wonder that the story of Lewis and Clark has always been one of my favorites. They traversed an unknown land to take on challenges of which they had no idea. As scary as that proposition might be, I must admit that I would have loved to been there to see it first hand.

Alas, there are relatively few places one can travel today that have not already been discovered and documented. However, the technology of today affords us an opportunity that we did not have in the past. We can use the connectivity of the internet, along with modern technological tools, to take others to places they would never have been able to visit otherwise. In fact, we can even include them in the journey to reach the remote corners of our world. I recently started using a tool that accomplishes this task and provides a detailed account of my adventures.

The e-Mobile GPS Tracker by e-Mobile Software Inc. is a wonderful tool for the self-proclaimed adventurer. E-Mobile GPS Tracker provides automatic GPS detection and connection so you won’t run into any major problems with set up each time you begin your journey. It provides several tools that allow you to keep track of routes, whether on foot or by car. These tracks can be downloaded and kept for future reference.

Perhaps the best features of this GPS Tracker are the tools you can use to catalog your personal adventures. Locations can be tagged with category names and notes with pictures of the points of interest you have visited. The GPS functions allow you to track latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed and altitude, all in real-time. I also like the ability to export my points of interest to Google Earth, and even save the locations as Outlook contacts. With the addition of maps that one can zoom in or out, this makes the application a very comprehensive GPS program.

With the current popularity of GPS related activities such as Geocaching, I can imagine that GPS trackers such as this will become more popular. Even casual travelers like to have the assurance of a GPS system for finding difficult locations. Smartphone manufacturers are beginning to react to this trend already, and we have an ever increasing choice of GPS enabled phones from which to choose. Even those without built in GPS have several options, evidenced by the incredible number of Bluetooth GPS receivers now available.

If you are someone who likes to make your own adventures, and you are looking for a way to keep track of the places you visit, this may be the type of application you need. Check out a few of the GPS Tracking applications that are currently available to enhance your next adventure, and share it with the world.

The e-Mobile GPS Tracker by e-Mobile Software Inc. is available from Handango. Give it a try!

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