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As our own Dr. Hillebrand has often said, the Western Hemisphere is behind the times when it comes to the power of SMS. Text messaging popularity still seems to be restricted to teen communications and the occasional quick “Whazzup†message between friends. In Europe, SMS is a serious business tool that is used for advertising and customer alerts.

I can’t say for sure that we will ever catch up with Europe in this regard. Most business Smartphone users of on this side of the pond tend to rely heavily on email as a source of consistent connectivity. In fact, business use has changed the world of email from a heavy text communication type, to more of an instant text communication source. The popularity of Exchange servers and push email (thanks Blackberry) has prompted this change, while text messages remain a fringe, non-business type of communication.

We may eventually catch up with the rest of the world, or text messaging may stay out on the edge of the communication world. However, we are definitely seeing some improved SMS options for the casual or business user. There are several sources of SMS software ( available to enrich the SMS experience and improve text messaging functionality.

I recently discovered a website that I thought I would share with our readers. The site,, allows the user to sign up for free (other than what you pay for text messaging through your cellular provider) text alerts based on RSS feeds from the sites you designate. The site lets you set up keyword filters to only deliver news or alerts in which you are interested.

I can see similar services growing in the near future. The popularity of SMS is growing, and the business world would be foolish to ignore this trend. A few banks have started to experiment with banking via SMS to check balances, pay bills and transfer money. I am sure there are a number of other innovative ways to use SMS that have not yet been explored.

My own interest in using SMS has grown quite a bit over the last few years. As time goes on I have seen a lot of potential in this form of communication. After reading Tim Hillebrand’s articles and blogs on SMS usage, I am impressed by the potential for both business and private use. I look forward to watching the business and private growth of text communication over the next few years.

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