My Best and Worst Mobile Device Experience

My Best and Worst Mobile Device Experience

When we were recently asked to pen a blog entry on our best and worst mobile device experiences, I could not help but crack a smile. I quickly remembered what brought me over to the Windows Mobile world a few years ago. I was originally a Palm OS user, but it was the problems I had when using that system that caused me to look elsewhere for something better. Let me share the experience that first made me a Windows Mobile man.

I remember the day I decided I needed a PDA. I had just left a meeting and had returned to my office when I received a phone call. Once again, in the normal overloaded hustle and bustle, I have forgotten a meeting appointment. I quickly rushed off to the meeting and arrived ten minutes late. When I arrived I realized I had left some important documents in my office, so I had to rush back up to get them. I could feel my blood pressure go up quickly and I remember thinking, “I have to get organized.”

The first PDA I purchased was a Palm OS device. I really didn’t do much research and was simply eager to find something that would help get my life a bit more organized. To be completely honest, I was not into technology or “tech toys” at the time, so the Palm seemed to be a miracle to me. I quickly found that the true secret to getting the most out of my PDA was to put EVERYTHING in it. Any and all information I needed was placed in the device. Phone numbers, calendar items, to-do tasks, birthdays, contacts, the names of my coworker’s spouses, and a ton of PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents all found residence in my Palm. In no time at all I was completely out of room on the memory card.

Then the problems started to crop up. In order to edit some of my Microsoft Office documents I needed third party software. It seemed to work fine at first, but soon I found all sorts of little problems cropping up. During the time I was using the Palm I had also begun researching mobile technology and I was amazed at all the things that these devices could potentially accomplish. Along with the problems I had experienced, the shortcomings of the Palm OS suddenly reared its ugly head.

The day I moved over to Windows Mobile was the day I conducted two hard resets on my Palm. I had been researching the Windows Mobile platform and I knew it would better suit my needs. After loading my data a second time, I calmly went to a well-know computer store and picked up an HP iPAQ hx2495. Okay, I’ll admit it…I probably was not that calm when I left my office!

The decision to buy the iPAQ was probably one of the best I had ever made. The difference seemed to be night and day to me. Although I will admit that it took a couple of days to get used to the different OS, in no time I could clearly see that Windows Mobile would do more of what I needed with much less hassle.

Within a week I was humming right along. I kept discovering new and interesting things I could do with my Windows Mobile device. Like an addict, I needed more. I went to a local bookstore and picked up two books on Windows Mobile, and I picked up an issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine. I spent most of my free time over the next week reading those books and that issue of the magazine. As I said earlier, I had not been much of a “techy” person before, but once I saw what fun it was to discover new ways to use technology, I could not get enough. That experience has completely changed my views on computers and technology.

With all the recent focus on user interface (UI), I know there are many who have been a bit disenchanted with the progress of Windows Mobile. People want a simpler, flashier interface with ease of use and less confusion. I can understand that desire, but I have to say that I am still going to stake my faith in the Windows Mobile OS. After all, it was the system that really drew my wonder in the first place.

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