My Favorite Commercial and Freeware Applications

My Favorite Commercial and Freeware Applications

The thing I have always loved about Windows Mobile is the sheer volume of available applications. Windows Mobile is a dream for anyone who enjoys looking for cool new things to do with their mobile device. I have to admit that I love trying out new applications, and I even keep an extra Pocket PC around for just that. That is not to say that I always keep every application I try. Some work well, but some don’t make the grade. Either way, I still enjoy seeing what I can do with my Windows Mobile device and the right software.

As much as I enjoy trying out new applications, I do have a few favorites that I find indispensable to any device I am using. I broke down the applications into two categories, freeware and commercial software. Since I like free stuff I thought I would start there.


TCPMP-I know many of my fellow bloggers mentioned this application, but I had to throw it on my list also. For anyone who uses their Smartphone as an entertainment device this is an application that is a must have. The types of media files it will handle is quite vast. It also allows the user to create and save playlists, and the best part is that it is free.

Live Search-More of a service than an application, Live Search is no less handy to have on a Smartphone. Live Search allows the user to place a search bar on the Today Screen, and one merely needs to type in their search criteria and an internet browser opens and looks up the information. It takes a couple of steps out of the process.

Google Maps-Like Live Search, this may be more of a service, but it is nice to have when needed. Simply type in locations for which you wish to search, and Google Maps places a map right on your Smartphone. For those gentlemen who hate asking for directions, despite the insistence of our better half, this is a blessing in disguise.

ADBIdea-This application is a close relative to Mind Mapping software that has become popular with busy business people. ADBIdea lets you create compartmentalized information in one easy location. You can also attach documents to ADBIdea databases, making the application a very good “one stop shop†on your device when you have loads of related information to store.

XSForms-This freeware database program has two components. The first is an application that loads to your desktop computer called XSDesigner. XSDesigner is the database building portion and it supports multiple database pages and embedded objects such as pictures. XSForms loads to your Windows Mobile device. It is the component allowing you to simply fill in the forms your created.

KeePass-Similar in design to such programs as eWallet, KeePass is a secure way to store information such as login names and passwords, credit card numbers or any other vital information that is good to have at hand, but not good to share.

Commercial Software

Opera Mobile-This is one of the best Windows Mobile internet browsers available anywhere. Opera Mobile gives you an internet experience closer to a desktop or laptop computer that any other program. I like the zoom feature of Opera and the ability to grab and scroll web pages.

Conduits Pocket Slides-As a training specialist I find myself using PowerPoint as one of my primary tools. Pocket PowerPoint is an excellent PowerPoint presentation viewer but it lacks the ability to edit documents. Pocket Slides comes with a desktop component for converting PowerPoint documents to the Pocket Slides format. An additional advantage is Pocket Slide’s VGA-out capability for those with a VGA-out card.

Novii Remote Deluxe-NR Deluxe lets you program your IR capable device as a remote control for your television, stereo, VCR, DVD Player or any other infrared remote device. You can set up the interface with customized buttons, multiple colors or custom text.

Pocket Mechanic-Pocket Mechanic fixes so many problems in Windows Mobile that it is a surprise the folks at Microsoft have not included this as a standard addition to their operating system. From formatting cards, to reclaiming memory, to defragmenting your device, this application does it all.

Hi Dale

I wished I had a spare Pocket PC around just to try software too. Right now I have to keep doing hard resets every month due to the leftover data of uninstalled application.


Do you like Opera Mobile better than Opera Mini 4?

Yes. My wife uses Opera Mini 4 but I have always liked the extra functions of Opera Mobile. However, I think either is a great product. The great thing about Opera Mini is the price...Free!

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