My Personal Top 3 Game Picks

I have never really considered myself a hardcore gamer, but I have to admit that I really enjoy the few games that I do have on my Smartphone right now. They are probably not the newest, shiniest or most intense games on the market, but they sure seem to entertain me well. Since we were asked to review our top three picks this month, I decided to share my own personal preferred "oldies but goodies."

Skyforce and Skyforce Reloaded

SkyforceBeing a child of the 80's I have to admit that I still get a heck of a kick out of scrolling shooter games such as Skyforce. Back when I was wasting my entire weekly allowance at the local arcade, I would have laughed in your face if you told me these type games would be available in a handheld device someday. Now I get to enjoy similar games anytime I want.

Skyforce (and the next iteration - Skyforce Reloaded) is a typical scrolling shooter in which you fly some sort of spaceship and shoot up the enemy aircraft and ground forces. As you progress through the game you pick up better guns, missiles and even a laser to cut down the ruthless and crazy brave enemies that are trying to bring you down. For a handheld game the landscapes are really nice and feature some great details. The game features multiple landscapes, difficulty levels and challenges. For anyone feeling a bit of arcade nostalgia, this is the game for you, but all users will likely enjoy this Windows Mobile "instant classic."


That's right...I said Galaga. See what I wrote above about my younger days and you will quickly understand how this one could be one of my favorites. Every detail about this game, down to the music, is exactly as I remember it. For those who are not familiar with this arcade super-classic, it is static type shooter (you stay in pretty much the same place) in the tradition of Space Invaders.

 Each level becomes more difficult, but the player has the ability to advance their firepower by letting certain enemy ships capture one of your fighters. When the next ship comes up, the player takes out the capturing ship and the "hostage" ship drops down next to your current fighter, giving you two guns instead of just one.

There are challenge stages throughout and rank is given as well as points. Game play can get pretty intense in the later stages, but unlike the old arcade version, the player can set up the game to give one more "lives" to help turn the tide of battle. This game may not be the most exciting to many people, but I am enjoying it as much today as when I played it years ago...while listening to Whitesnake. Now where did I put that old album?


Since others covered this game, I will not go into great detail about how it is played. Suffice it to say, in some circles this game is considered a mobile "must-have" for anyone who is even remotely into gaming on their device. Like the other games I have mentioned, it is not one of the hard to play, flashy games that are coming out it greater numbers, but the sheer simplicity is its biggest selling point. I rarely will sit for hours playing a game on my Windows Mobile device, but I do like to have them for those unexpected waits at the doctor's office, DMV or any number of other places where I have a little time on my hands. If you are looking for some simple fun, give it a try.


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