Opera 9.5 Beta - Available Now!

Hello, my name is Dale and I am an Opera Mobile addict. Okay, now that I have THAT out of the way, let me tell you, I LOVE OPERA. Nope, not the kind with the heavy weight, horn-helmeted singer, but the Opera that makes my mobile web viewing so nice. I have been using Opera Mobile for a couple of years now and I have to say that it is, by far, the best mobile web browser I have ever encountered. In my article on replacing a laptop with a mobile device, I talked about the fact that Opera Mobile was indispensable in my effort to use only my mobile device. If you ever want to see the difference, try going to MySpace on the regular mobile Internet Explorer, then try it again on Opera Mobile. Trust me, there is a big difference.

Opera has made their newest mobile internet browser available (in Beta form) and I am eager to try it out. For those who do not mind working around a few bugs, you can give it a try here. Opera 9.5 features some welcome improvements on what has already proven to be a great application. According to Opera's website, we should see the following  upgrades:

  • Faster

    Speed tests show Opera Mobile 9.5 beta loads Web pages 2.5 times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile.

  • Pan and zoom

    Opera Mobile 9.5 defaults to full Web page viewing and allows users to pan and zoom into their desired content in just a few clicks.

  • Improved user interface

    Opera has completely renovated its user interface. Cleaner and more intuitive, the new UI is designed for quick and easy navigation.

  • Opera Dragonfly

    It’s a developer’s toolkit right on the mobile phone.

  • Improved standards support

    Opera Mobile 9.5 is the most standards compliant browser available. Opera Software remains steadfast in its commitment to make the Web accessible for all.

  • Save pages and/or images

    With a click, simply save your selected content and view it later offline.

  • A true Web experience

    Multitask with tabbed browsing, view content in widescreen, and enjoy small-screen rendering.

  • Rich Web content

    Browse with the full richness of AJAX.

  • Type less and browse more

    Save time with address auto-complete, Password Manager and pop-up handler.

  • History and bookmarks

    Pick up past browsing sessions and bookmark them for next time.

  • Upload contents

    Upload to Web sites such as online mail services or blogs.


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