The One Windows Mobile 'Tweak" I Can't Live Without

Well, I have to say that when it comes to the Windows Mobile "Tweak" that has best served me, simple has been the best. What do I mean? Simply stated, my one most needed tweak was one of the simplest to be had. Clear-Type in lnadscape mode. Hardly earth shattering, but the simple ability to have Clear-Type capability in landscape mode on my AT&T 8525 has made a big difference in the way I am able to use my device.

In the upcoming issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine, one of my articles explores the possibility of replacing a laptop with a Pocket PC. Although we may not quite be there at this point, I was surprised at the result. One of the biggest issues was, of course, screen size. I found it easier to remedy this issue by "shrinking" the items on which I was working (such as on-line web usage, spreadsheets etc) so the ability to read smaller type was essential. Although it may not be ideal to have to work with smaller type, I found it at least tolerable when I enabled Clear-Type. Since my device goes to landscape mode as soon as I slide out the keyboard, it was essential to find a solution to my delema. Luckily there are freeware applications out there that enable this simple tweak. I quickly located one that had rave reviews and found the result very satisfying.

With more and more devices incorporating slide out keyboards, and the subsequent landscape mode, many may also find this tweak pretty handy. For more information, visit the Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine "Best Sites" link and search some of the various freeware sited featured therein. I think you will find several handy applications, including this simple but essential one.

Greg, Tweaks2K2 does it and believe this tool as well:

...called RegistryWizard

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