Losing My Memory

I have one of the really cool i-mate JasJar's (aka HTC Universal) Pocket PC Phones. It's a great device but one thing it's lacking is storage space. Sure I have a 2GB SD card in it, but some programs (like Voice Command, and Agenda Fusion) really want to be in main memory.

Despite this, being very judicious about what I stored in main memory seemed to work well. At least for a while. Then available storage memory got down to less than a megabyte! Where did it all go, and more importantly, how could I get it back?

Well, I managed with just a couple of deletes to go from 0.72MB free to 13.48. Here's how…

First thing I realized is that deleting MMS and Text messages doesn't delete them, it simply moved them to the "Deleted Items" folder. I had over 1600 messages stuck there. Unfortunately, my first attempt to delete them from the "Deleted Items" folder didn't work. It looked like it did, but after a soft reset, they were back! Perhaps there wasn't enough memory. I went on to find more to delete and would come back to this one later.

The second place I went to look for was IE history files. There's a folder in the Windows directory called "Temporary Internet Files", but it was empty. Great, they're all cleaned up for you right? Wrong! That's not where you will find them. Buried in the folder: Windows\Profiles\guest\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 you will find some folders with names like: PEVU812C. That's where over 10MB of junk had accumulated for me! I deleted them all but left the index file.

Next I went back to my MMC Deleted Items folder and once again tried to really delete them. Persistence paid off and I'm up to 13.48MB of free storage space. Not a lot by our old PPC 2003 standards, but more than enough to allow my machine to hum along again!

Also, if you want to automatize cleanup task/make them even easier, you may want to check out MemMaid or SKTools. Please see the links here for more information on these cleaner tools.

Thank you Werner and Hannes for the references. They will certainly help those that prefer automation. I wanted to point out the places to look if someone wants to "roll their own" solution (as it were.)

Also, I do use a soft reset program, and only use the hardware reset button when the system is locked up. I can't remember if that was the case at the time or not.


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