My Everyday Application

When asked what is the one third-party Windows Mobile application I use everyday, I really had to think about the choice. I have a number of "must have" applications I use all the time and don't think I could live without.

Certainly DeveloperOne's Agenda Fusion is high on my list, but I suppose I could get along with the built-in Contacts and Calendar if I had to.

Also, I have gotten hooked on Spb Brain Evolution and run through it's "training" program each day I have the opportunity. On the other hand, while stimulating, it's certainly not my "must have" application.

But the one program that I use everyday that I couldn't live without is: Ilium Software's eWallet.

Ilium's eWallet

eWallet allows you to store all sorts of private data on your Windows Mobile device in an encrypted file. While my screen shot shows a pretty standard "travel" category, the program supports such things as software registrations, web site passwords, and other types of data you don't typically carry in your physical wallet in your pocket or purse.

I use it all the time to recall web site information, Microsoft CD keys, Wi-Fi WEP or WPA keys, etc.

You can even store photos in the program. (Although, I don't really have any pictures that I need to be encrypted so that others can't see them.)

eWallet also has a desktop version that automatically synchronizes through ActiveSync so that you always have a backup of this extremely important file. Plus, it's often easier to enter the data on the desktop rather than on the mobile device.

There are other similar programs, such as CodeWallet from DeveloperOne. Regardless of which you choose, I highly recommend you get a secure storage program for your mobile device. It's certainly better than keeping your passwords on a Post-it note stuck to your computer monitor.

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