RSS Feeds for Windows Mobile

If you are not familiar with internet "news readers", here's a chance to make some great discoveries.

A news reader displays information from the Internet in a special format called RSS. Exactly what RSS stands for is open for debate. Some call it Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, or something similar, but whatever you call it, RSS delivers content in a format that is ideal for the Pocket PC or Smartphone.

The first thing that you need to read RSS feeds is a "news reader". There are a number of news readers for Windows Mobile devices. My favorite is Newsbreak from Iliumsoft which also happens to be one of the magazine's award winners this year.

Rather than focusing on the features of various news readers, I thought I'd list out some of my favorite RSS feeds:

I have some others, including some of the "standard feeds" that Iliumsoft lists, such as Pocket PC Thoughts and Geekzone.

If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Cheers, and a belated happy Thanksgiving to all!

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