Absolut ANYCOM: BSH-100 and BluNa package


ANYCOM (yet another Bluetooth oriented company) introduced the FIPO at CTIA. Basically, it’s a little gizmo that you can place into an iPod socket for Bluetooth stereo streaming. It took me a few seconds to grasp the concept here as well- in other words, you put the FIPO (which has an iPod jack) onto a device (like an iPod cradle or car transmitter), and then pair it with a Bluetooth streaming source-an iPod with a Bluetooth adapter, your A2DP compatible cellphone, or any A2DP source. Unfortunately, the FIPO wasn’t yet available for me to take a look at.
Pictured below is the FIPO on a BOSE iPod sound system.


ANYCOM did, however, send me an iPod Bluetooth package. Similar to the Scoshce IBHPK (but with a slightly better name), ANYCOM’s BluNa + BSH-100 package comes with a stereo set of Bluetooth headphones (the BSH-100) and a Bluetooth adapter (the BluNa) that you connect to the bottom of your iPod. Pair the two, and voila- wireless stereo music.

The ANYCOM bundle, which retails for about $230 (but sells for considerably less online), is street priced slightly cheaper than the Scosche unit. It is also, IMO, a cheaper quality unit, although it does have several unique features, not least among them its capability to switch the way it settles on your ears- it’s a bit difficult to explain in words, but basically it changes from a hard behind the ears band to two clip-on type ear units. Also, it has a detachable boom microphone- which is good and bad. The pro is better sound, since the mic is closer to your mouth. The con is that should you detach it, you won’t be able to talk. Lastly, we found that the BluNa paired more easily with other Bluetooth receiving units (like the Parrot Boombox, for example), where the Scosche did not.

We hope to have a more comprehensive overview of these and many more A2DP headphones over the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: Many of the units/applications I review are sent to me at no charge. Sometimes I keep these, and sometimes they are loaner unit/trial applications. Whatever the case, I do my level best to remain impartial- however, we are all only human- me included:).

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