HTC Touch Released- MiniView Coming Soon


HTC just launched a new Windows Mobile Professional
(nope, I refuse to remind you guys again that Pro is the new WM 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition which is the new Windows Mobile 2003SE which is the Pocket PC 2002 which is funny?)
which set the industry on it's ear.

Well, not exactly.
That would be the i-that-must-not-be-named-phone. (Was that funny?)

But anyway, the Touch, (for that is its name)-gotta give HTC marketing a nod here, definitely beats out TyTN or MTeoR in terms of catchiness- looks good, and has garnered a fair amount of media coverage recently. The big thing, aside form its obvious cosmetic appeal, is the all new "TouchFLO" interface, which certainly does bring a long overdue measure of beauty and ease of use to a generally unimpressive OS (cosmetic-wise). Aside from it's obvious "compact and beautiful minimalist design" the Touch has a much touted new user interface (UI). And although it doesn't cover over the entire WM OS, it does do a decent job of not letting the Windows Mobile interface rear it's ugly head; so long as you stick to basic media/phone functions.

HTC sent one our way, and we hope to have a Mini-Review up for you soon. Until then, I won't comment on it's perceived competitor (iPhone), and/or if it lives up to expectations. I will, however, quote Avi Greengart, Principal Analyst, Wireless Devices at Current Analysis, who said that

"TouchFLO is not as responsive as the user interface on the pre-production iPhone tested back in January. Scrolling accurately through lists was not as effortless as on the iPhone as well. Similar to most other touchscreen devices, there are also no haptics (force feedback) to let you know you have pressed a “button.â€

Meanwhile, you can check out the interface at the site set up specifically for the purpose by HTC here, or check out the HTC marketing video here (Flash required- sorry, iPhone users; looks like Apple doesn't want you checking out the competition).

Additionally, if you simply can't wait for the PPC Mag review, take a gander at what these folk had to say, some of who liked the Touch and some of who didn't:

PC Magazine's S. Segan (he didn't).

Laptop Magazines J. Wilson (he did).

Gizmodo's Jason Chen (he didn't really say).

Arne at the::unwired (still trying to figure out that site name) has some videos of the UI as well here.

Available now in EMEA markets, you can also get it online in the US from various online retailers. Recent reports indicate that it should be making it to the US in an official version sometime in Q3/4.


Disclaimer: Many of the units/applications I review are sent to me at no charge. Sometimes I keep these, and sometimes they are loaner unit/trial applications. Whatever the case, I do my level best to remain impartial- however, we are all only human- me included:).

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