Not Just Another Flash Drive: Kingston DataTraveler


Announced at the PMA Expo just a little before CTIA, the DataTraveler Reader is a joint memory card reader/flash drive. Technically an SD only card reader (it doesn't read Mini or Micro without an adapter) with a built in flash drive, when used in combination with a Dual Adapter pack (also from Kingston) the potency of this combination is increased. I find it has replaced my old flash drive’s place of honor in my bag, since with the DataTraveler, I have been able to drop the SanDisk SD card reader and standalone flash drive. Aside from being fairly small, the DataTraveler looks pretty good, too.

An issue I think Kingston needs to remedy is their bundling of a MicroSD>MiniSD]MicroSD SD, as opposed to a MicroSD>MiniSD>SD. In other words, the included adapters give you a Micro into a Mini, and a Micro into an SD. For true universal compatibility, a Micro to Mini and a Mini to SD should’ve been packaged, thus allowing either a Mini or Micro to fit into the larger SD adapter. This small point that was easily fixed by changing the included Micro>SD for an extra Mini>SD adapter I had lying around- now I can easily backup/transfer large files to and from any standard variant of SD on the road.

The DataTraveler did not, however, perform perfectly- while the flash drive function performed like a champ every time (2GB version), when a memory card was inserted, the adapter would only recognize it one out of every two times. When properly recognized, two drives come up- one for the internal flash drive and one for the card, allowing you to backup/transfer from one to the other, or to the host PC.

As an interesting tidbit, Kingston was also giving out a free industry report on the usage of memory in mobile devices. If this sorta thing catches your fancy, head over here to sign up to download it.

The DataTraveler is available now from Kingston and retailers in 1GB, 2GB, and a soon to come 4GB version. The Dual Adapter pack is also available now in capacities up to 2GB. Note that oftentimes memory is offered at various e-tailers with substantial rebates.
PR shot of DT

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