Video, meet Ringtone: Vringo


One of the neatest ideas I saw in at CTIA is Vringo. Although the idea of Video Ringtones may seem fairly unexciting at first blush, once you take a closer look at Vringo I think you'll appreciate my enthusiasm. Vringo has implemented the concept in a refreshingly fun way.

Imagine Jake and Katie:

A hardworking but fun loving twenty something year old ambitious photographer. Jake is happily married to Katie, his wife of three years. Unfortunately for Jake, he's gonna be stuck on this work trip for a day longer than expected- again. (Been there done that, huh)?

So, the ever thoughtful but thrifty Jake takes an instant video (on his Windows Mobile device, obviously) of a bouquet of Katie's favorite color roses he sees in a passing florist's window.
The next time he calls her, Katie sees it on her phone when he calls (on her own WM device, of course).

Meanwhile, Katie has been feeling lonely without Jake. So, she selects the "Miss You" Vringo from the Vringo database of pre programmed content- which includes music videos from major names like Universal Music Group and others.

Now, when either call the other, each will watch the other's video. Since it is a duplex kind of scenario, while Jim is waiting for his call to connect, he will be watching Katies's "Miss You" Vringo, thus making those 15 seconds of "waiting for the call to connect boredom" disappear!

There is a short video explaining the concept at this link.

Since the Vringo client is installed locally, they claim that there is no lag time between the incoming notification and actual Vingplay. Memory hogging, system resource issues and the like are a concern, however. Since Vringo is not actually open to the public yet, and is currently in the midst of a private beta of their S60 application, these questions will hopefully be answered as the Windows Mobile beta nears- (according to sources, this should be over the next few weeks, and initially debut on the Q and Blackjack)- stay tuned for a more in depth look! At the moment, Vringo plans to offer the service at no charge.

Disclaimer: Many of the units/applications I review are sent to me at no charge. Sometimes I keep these, and sometimes they are loaner unit/trial applications. Whatever the case, I do my level best to remain impartial- however, we are all only human- me included:).

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