Voicemail- RELOADED: SimulScribe


For those of you who are lucky enough to live in a blissful, non-rushed lifestlye, the following ingenious and long overdue technology will probably hold no allure. Yet, for those of us on the other side of Shangri-La, (NYC, for example) it may well save you hours per week, at a bare minimum of time and effort.

Called SimulScribe, it utilizes advanced speech-to-text technology to transcribe your voicemail. Upon transcription,
(generally 2-3 minutes after the caller hangs up) the SimulScribe server sends an email of the message to your selected address. With fair accuracy (SS claims over 90%- and I'd say that's about right), there usually isn't any need for the actual voice section of the message. It does have trouble with unusual names or places as well as non-English words. As a backup, however, the server also sends the actual voice message as an audio attachment in the form of a .wav file, playable by most cellular phones and every WM phone. Should you not have a .wav capable handset, you can change the encoding to .mp3 or in the options page at SimulScribe. Another option that may be useful to some (just recently implemented) is the choice to use SMS (text messages) for receipt of the voicemails. Since, however, there is a 160 character limit on SMS's, make sure that your messaging plan has a fairly large or unlimited text bucket if you plan on using this feature.

Although SS does have rivals in various forms, and I freely admit to not having used any of them, according to my information it provides the most powerful feature set.

SimulScribe also has some interesting new features (of especial interest to smartphone users) on the way- stay tuned for more!

Pricing and more information can be found here. Although there is only one package listed on the site, you can contact SimulScribe for more advanced or corporate pricing. There is also a free 7 day trial.

Disclaimer: Many of the units/applications I review are sent to me at no charge. Sometimes I keep these, and sometimes they are loaner unit/trial applications. Whatever the case, I do my level best to remain impartial- however, we are all only human- me included:).

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