Checking Out Windows Phone 7

JAMM Review: HTC Arrive With Windows Phone 7

Lately, it seems like Sprint has become a bit of a haven for Android devices.  Most of the higher end Android devices seem to land there...almost at the exclusion of other mobile operating systems.  So, I was pretty excited when Windows Phone 7, which I had been waiting sort of patiently to test, finally dropped on the CDMA network in the form of the HTC Arrive, the only Windows Phone device to feature a full sliding keyboard.  I took the HTC Arrive through its paces.  Bottom line, this is an incredibly powerful operating system.  The main attraction here are the live tiles, which convey information about the apps on your device, even when they are not active.  Still, as revolutionary as this operating system is, it is clearly still a first generation device, and there is plenty of room for expansion and improvement.  You can check out my full review and wish list over at Just Another Mobile Monday.  In the meantime, stay tuned here as I will be checking out plenty of software and bringing all of you my thoughts on some of the best the App Marketplace has to offer.

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