is eReader Pro Now Free? And What About Fictionwise?

According to an email I just received from - I'm on their customer newsletter list, they were acquired by Fictionwise and now all pro versions of the eReader software are free. Naturally, I rushed right over and grabbed

Here are some more details about the purchase and transition:

Fictionwise, Inc. recently acquired eReader, and we have been in a transition period for the past six weeks or so.

As the final part of this transition, this week the web site has been undergoing a major transition onto a completely new hardware and software platform. This new platform will give us the ability to vastly improve the site in the coming months.

You are already seeing many benefits from the upgrade, including web site performance up to five times better than before, and new features and functions such as wishlist priority settings, the ability to choose an unlock code "on the fly" from any previously registered card right from your bookshelf, a new customer support system, and many minorimprovements.

There has been downtime this week, and some functions on the site are currently offline while we resolve some transition issues, but rest assured everything will be restored in the coming days. We appreciate your patience while we work out these remaining issues.

I'm reminded of when Mobipocket - aquired by Amazon - set their pro version free. I'm not 100% sure if this offering by is a temporary special, or an on-going thing, but visit eReader's download page ASAP to your free software. Now if only their eBook Studio wasn't such a cow of an application.

Greetings Steve P:

Thanks for stopping by to clarify the ongoing status of eReader with regard to pricing. It's really great news, and I'm sure that many will be appreciative.

It's also interesting to hear a bit about your future plans which sound quite well-thought out. When you're ready, let me know as I have a print article on ebooks perculating and would love to interview you.

No, it does not. It reads .pdb format.

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