Ilium Screen Capture - free utility just in time for Xmas

Multi-award winning Ilium Software has released Ilium Software Screen Capture, a free, fast, and easy screen capturing program for Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.

The website describes five simple steps to use the software:
1. Start the program on your device
2. Use the Options menu to define the App key you want to press to take your screenshots
3. Leave the program open - do not hit the Exit button yet
4. Take your screenshots! (If you have sound on, you will hear a camera "click" noise when the screen is captured)
5. To stop the program, open it again and hit the Exit button

Ilium Software Screen Capture is a free utility, and so they will not be able to offer phone or email support, but the complete instructions are listed above, and Ilium says that following those steps is all that is required to run the program properly.

Hardware Requirements
* Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE, or Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003SE or Windows Mobile 5.0

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