What about the new Windows-powered Treo 700wx Smartphone from Palm?

Today, I spent quite a bit of time on a number of tech sites including Engadget, PhoneLaunch, SprintUsers, Gadgets on the Go and TreoCentral looking up information on Palm's new Windows-powered Treo 700wx Smartphone.

According to Palm's site, Sprint Nextel will be offering it for "as low as $499 USD/ESP", while it will be available from Verizon for "as low as $299 USD/ESP". Download the PDF datasheet; view the Flash tour.

Next I headed over to sprint.com, but it was hard to find my way to the right place. Unlike T-Mobile, the Sprint site is not as straight-forward as it could be, so I had to google my way to the right page on their site. And what a page - lots of manuals and tutorials. TreoCentral has a review up as well as a a 10 minute video of the 700wx in action. It's in QuickTime format (.mov).

1. Antenna
2. Ringer On/Off Switch
3. Status Indicator
4. Phone Speaker
5. Volume Buttons
6. Customizable Button
7. 240x240 Color Screen
8. Left Action Button
9. 5-Way Navigator
10. Right Action Button
11. Phone/Send Button
12. Start Menu Button
13. OK Button
14. Power/End Button
15. QWERTY Keyboard
16. Phone Dial Pad
17. Writing Stylus
18. Digital Camera
19. Speaker
20. Removable Battery
21. Headset Jack
22. Multi-Connector
23. Microphone
24. Expansion Slot
25. Infrared Port

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