What's next for HP's iPaq?

Over at Reg Hardware, Tony Smith is reporting that HP has revamped iPAQ for the UMPC era. And he's got pictures.

Tony is saying that the rejigged the iPaq will have three consumer-oriented media players and GPS satellite navigation systems.

The iPaq rx4240 and rx 4540 are to be Mobile Media Companion products and will sport a 2.8in, 320 x 240, 65,536-colour display. Both will run Windows Moble 5.0 on top of a 400MHz Samsung processor. And each will have 128MB of Flash ROM and 64MB of RAM, but the rx4540 adds 1GB of Flash storage for the user. Each machine has an SD/MMC slot. Wireless specifications are 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0. Sizewise, they are 10.2 x 6.4 x 1.8cm and weigh in at 127g.

The third model, the 170g iPaq rx5956 Travel Companion weighs 170g and is 12.1 x 7.6 x 1.7cm. It has a display 305 inch display and has 2 gigs of flash storage and a SiRFStar III GPS chip and antenna.

Tony didn't cite any North-Ameriacn or European prices, but he said that HP Japan has indicated that the Companion's would retail for around ¥32,550 ($280/£144/€213), ¥42,000 ($361/£185/€275) and ¥59,850 ($515/£264/€392), respectively.

As for availability, the rx4240 was slated to go on sale November 30th, with the rx4540 following early in December and the rx5965 in late December.

I'm not sure how accurate this report is, in terms of these devices replacing PDA style iPaqs, but we'll see.

iPAQ's are the greatest! The only thing I don't like about them is (1) they're among the more expensive devices available; and (2) every time you go to a store and ask about accessories for them people think you're talking about your ipod and just don't know how to properly pronounce the word!

The iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion is $599.00 USD and is detailed here


All I can say is Sweet looking. . .

actually, whydidnt, what I meant was about these 100% replacing PDA-style iPaqs, not that these devices don't exist. It might be fine for people who weren't into handhelds before, but what about the die-hard iPaqers? I'm not sure if this is exactly what they're looking for.

and Nate, i have a Dell Axim x51v, one of the ones that has some odd problems. I've done the ROM update a few times, and from time to time, weird little things still happen, for example, a flash card, usually the CF one, will lose connection.

i've been thinking about a Palm Treo 700wx. or even a Motorola Q, i'm liking the look of the sleek new black model, and i'm hearing rumours about generation 2 of Q with a better keyboard. however, i'm not a huge fan of square screens.

Tari, wouldn't you miss the touch screen if you went with the Motorola Q? I know I would. And don't switch to ...puh..puh...puh...Palm!

yes, i would miss it, and that's probably why i won't go with the Q. and yeah, Palm Treo is a a little dark sidish, but WE won, afterall, it IS running windows mobile. i seem to remember gloating when that happened -

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