10 for 9 in '08 - Anthelion 2

In the category of Action Games, I had a tie for first place.  The other game that I thought deserved the spot of #1 action game was Anthelion 2 from PDAMill.  This was actually a bit of an odd choice for me, because I don't normally care for first person flight sim / combat games.  However, this one caught my attention, so keep reading to find out why...

Round 'em up, cowboy!Anthelion 2 makes me feel like I’m part of some epic space battle—something that I’ve never felt with a 2D scroller. I also appreciate the fact that, unlike most first-person flight simulations, Anthelion 2 is actually pretty simple to control. The game is held together with a plot that has twists and turns, and while I wasn’t great at playing it, I could steadily progress in the game, which is generally a problem for me in any type of shooter. Graphically, it’s pretty impressive for a handheld game, especially one without a 3D accelerator. The game ran smoothly on my device, even with all the “high end” graphics options turned on. The interface is clean, and the dialog is crisp and easy to read. The sound effects felt like they were ripped right out of a Star Wars film, which is especially satisfying when an enemy fighter whips past your cockpit. The music very much fits the atmosphere and plays throughout the game, which I find refreshing.

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