10 for 9 in '08 - Atomic Battle Dragons

The first category on my list was Action Games, which is where I had my tie.  While two very different games, both Atomic Battle Dragons and Anthelion 2 kept me engaged like none of the other contenders in this genre.  So without further ado, here's why I chose Atomic Battle Dragons...

One of the things I've really enjoyed about my time playing Pocket PC games is seeing developers take tested concepts and reinvent them with new elements. Such is the case with Atomic Battle Dragons, which takes the premise behind the original Joust to a whole new level. Sure, the basic element of the game is still to simply knock your opponents off of their steeds, which in this case happens to be dragons instead of Joust's ostriches. However, Atomic Battle Dragons adds a storyline, thus giving you a purpose for playing the game. Then it tosses in some power-ups, which can be used either for or against you, depending on whether you or the opponents get to them first. The next new element is the bosses, which add a sense of challenge and progression to the game. Finally, Atomic Battle Dragons adds some mini RPG elements in the form of three statistics that you can raise by defeating your foes and earning experience points. Plus, there's an arcade mode for nearly limitless replay value. Augment all that game play with top notch graphics and sound effects that enhance the atmosphere, and you've got one incredible action game.

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