10 for 9 in '08 - Obulis: The Second Epoch

For puzzle games, my top pick was Obulis: The Second Epoch.  To be truthful, this could almost go to either part one or two, it just happens that part two was the one nominated for the awards this year.  Some of the puzzle design was a bit better in part two, but if you haven't played either, it's definitely worth your time playing both.

The beauty of Obulis is that while your actual participation in each level is minimal, a slight miscalculation in timing can make all the difference in the world. IonFx managed to make a complex and satisfying challenge out of the simple act of selecting and cutting chains of various lengths and materials. What makes the game work so well is its reliance on physics to determine where the balls will move once you've cut the chains. I'm not sure that I've played another game quite like this on my Pocket PC. The graphics, while nothing extraordinary, are well rendered. The sound effects are right on the mark, and the soundtrack is pretty good. This is a must-have for any puzzle fan that likes a challenge comprised equally of skill and luck.


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