10 for 9 in '08 - Spb Air Islands

Well, I'm almost done with this series. This entry marks game number nine of ten, and the category is strategy. In my mind Spb Air Islands was the clear winner, primarily due to its unique mode of resource management. Without further ado, here are my favorite points about Spb Air Islands.

Time To Build A ShedThere are two big reasons that AirIslands stands above the crowd. The first is that it creates an atmosphere that completely draws you into the game, and proves that you don't need fighting to have a top-notch strategy game. The graphics are incredibly detailed for their size, and the extras-such as bugs flitting around the lights at night-were pure genius. The sound effects only enhance this captivation, from the "clink" of coins as a building makes you money to the "moo" of cows in a well-cared for farm. There's even an online community where you can upload in-progress or completed islands, which makes you active in the game even when you're not playing. The other facet of AirIslands that makes it one of a kind is the way in which you gather resources. Instead of building mines or capturing factories, resources are gathered through playing mini-games. The best part is that you can trade between resources, so if you're much better at one game than the others, you can play that one more heavily and trade for at least some of your other resources.

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