Mac Loves WinMo?


I recently received an announcement from Eltima Software regarding a new product of theirs called SyncMate.  Unfortunately I don't have a Mac so I can't relate any first hand experience with this software (yet), but it sounds pretty nifty, so I thought I'd let all of you know about it in case you happened to own a Mac and a Windows Mobile device.  And since the lite version is free, you have nothing to lose for giving it a try!

"From now on, synchronizing your Mac with Pocket PC is as easy as one, two, three! Let us introduce SyncMate to you! SyncMate is a new and very simple synchronization tool by Eltima Software. It is presented in two versions, Free and Expert.

Free Edition allows you to synchronize applications like Address Book, iCal, etc. You can also easily read SMS directly from your Mac, check detailed device information (battery state, etc) and visually analyze memory usage.

Device Info

Expert Edition (available for a small fee) grants you even more synchronization possibilities! With Expert edition you can synchronize time and share Internet between your Mac and your mobile device, sync iTunes and iPhoto.

 Expert Edition allows you to synchronize separate folders. Notes and To Do’s synchronization are also available with SyncMate Expert Edition.

You can view all the applications installed on PDA from your Mac.

Applications List

Manage all text messages not even touching your Pocket PC! Send, receive, create and delete SMS when working at your Mac - that's what SyncMate Expert gives you.

SMS Manager

 With SyncMate Expert Edition you can even sync your mail!

SyncMate installation is very easy. You do not have to unlock device in order to install SyncMate. Mac can be connected to mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi.

 SyncMate is compatible with Mac OS X platform (Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, Mac OS X 10.5). Device compatibility: Windows Mobile Pocket 5, Windows Mobile Smartphone 5; Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Windows Mobile 6 Professional; Windows Mobile 6.1.

Detailed information you can get at:"

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