Coming Soon: Verizon and Sprint Phones, Windows Phone Update

The blogs are reporting that Verizon’s Windows Phone will launch March 24, and reviews of Sprint’s HTC Arrive, which will launch March 20, are starting to appear. Also, Microsoft says the anticipated software update is coming later this month. This week we’ll also note a milestone of 10,000 apps, as well as point to news reports that Microsoft is paying Nokia $1 billion as part of their recent partnership.

Verizon and Sprint Windows Phones Imminent

Sprint’s HTC Arrive is coming out March 20, and reviews are starting to appear. Wirefly has posted a great video review of this device, which has a slideout QWERTY keyboard, 3.6-inch WVGA screen, and 5-megapixel camera.

The video not only shows you this new device, but also the copy-and-paste feature of the software update that ships with this phone. The price will be $199 with a two-year contract.

In addition, the blogs are buzzing with the rumor that Verizon’s HTC Trophy will be coming out March 24. Again, the most exciting, and rumored, feature of this phone is that it will work on both CDMA and GSM networks, meaning that you’ll be able to use it abroad.

The specs include a 3.8-inch WVGA display, 16GB storage, and 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

Latest News on Windows Phone Software Update

Microsoft customer experience manager Eric Hautala posted an article on the Windows Team Blog saying that the software update with copy/paste and other features will come in the latter half of March. He explains a bit what happened with the rollout of the pre-update and says that only a small number of devices were affected.

As before, the update will be gradually rolled out. And Eric says that in some cases the carriers may ask that the update be released at a specific time. So if you don’t find that it’s immediately available, know that it will indeed come soon.

Microsoft To Pay Nokia $1 Billion

If anyone doubts that Microsoft is determined to be a success in the mobile arena, the $1 billion that they’re paying for the Nokia deal should put those doubts to rest. Microsoft has no intention of ceding this market to Apple and Google.

Bloomberg reported this figure last week, saying that it’s a five-year agreement and that the $1 billion will help encourage the production of Windows Phone 7 devices. You can read the reports on Yahoo and CNET.

Also, a very interesting tidbit emerged last week that Nokia has a two-year timetable to gradually phase out their Symbian software for their smartphones and completely replace it with Windows Phone.

Marketplace Hits 10,000 Apps

Last week the Windows Phone Marketplace reached the milestone of 10,000 apps — and achieved that feat in less time than the iPhone and Android platforms. It took less than five months, and is a very good sign for the prospects of this new platform.

Yahoo Repairs Data Leak

Earlier we reported that some Windows Phone users were experiencing data usage levels that were wildly inflated. Microsoft eventually pinpointed the cause as Yahoo Mail. Now Yahoo has fixed the problem.

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