Estimates of Slow Windows Phone Sales, Photos of Verizon Trophy


Microsoft hasn't ever said how many Windows Phones have been sold, other than saying how many had been shipped to carriers and retailers. Now some estimates are appearing, and the numbers aren't that good. Still, AT&T reports being satisfied with sales. This week we'll also note the appearance online of photos of the Verizon HTC Trophy, which could be available this week.

Estimates of Fewer that 700,000 Windows Phone Sold in 2010

With Blackberry fading, and with Android and iPhone soaring, Microsoft's success in the mobile arena is a matter of some importance. Will the market end up being just two platforms? It's hard to imagine Microsoft ever ceding this important facet of the industry.

Yet, the numbers don't look good so far. In the absence of figures from Microsoft, it's impossible to know what the real story is, but according to a post on WMPoweruser, a blogger has estimated sales of 674,000 Windows Phones by the end of 2010. That compares to 300,000 activations of Android phones per day. WMPoweruser's own estimate also suggests that the figure is in this ballpark.

This, combined with the problematic rollout of the updates and the small number of Windows Phones currently available, suggests that Microsoft still has a long way to go to be a player in the smartphone market.

There's quite an interesting discussion of this on Windows Phone Thoughts.

AT&T Happy with Windows Phone Sales

A short report on quotes AT&T executive Jeff Bradley as saying that Windows Phone is "doing fine." The company plans to release the HTC HD7S soon, which has an iPhone-like form factor but with an impressive 4.3-inch Super-LCD screen.

The report says that this will be the last new model from AT&T until the new Windows Phone software code-named Mango comes out later this year.

Speaking of Mango, according to TheNextWeb, the forthcoming Windows Phone software will be called Windows Phone 7.5. It'll offer multitasking, Internet Explorer 9, and other new features.

And speaking of AT&T, according to MobilityDigest you can get Zune Pass free for three months if you buy an AT&T Windows Phone before June 26. The Zune Pass service gives you credits for 10 free songs per month.

Photos of Verizon HTC Trophy

Some rumors have it that the Verizon's HTC Trophy will be available May 12. And PocketNow has posted some leaked photos of the new phone. They also say that the HTC Arrive, now available from T-Mobile, will also be coming to Verizon as the HTC Pro.

App Roundup

Check out PocketNow's app roundup for last week, which demos five apps for 30 seconds each. This episode covers four freebies: Pimp my Pics, Text My Location, Groupon, and the game Dropdown. It also highlights the $4.99 Rubik's Cube app.

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