Great New Features Coming in Windows Phone 7.5


Many details of the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.5 came to light this past week, with an official preview apparently slated for May 24. This week we'll outline these new features, which include voice dictation, turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, Bing Audio, Bing Video, Bing Image Search, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, and more.

Bing Audio, Bing Vision, Voice Dictation, Turn-by-Turn Directions

Of course there's nothing official yet, but according to images posted by Windows Phone Dev Podcast, there may be some great Bing-related features in an upcoming version of the Windows Phone software.

PocketNow has a post that briefly describes Bing Audio, a music recognition feature that will be similar to the popular Shazam service. Also, Bing Vision will let you do a search just by taking a photo with the camera, similar to Google Goggles. And the feature will also include a barcode reader.

PocketNow also says that there may be a voice dictation feature that will let you speak your SMS messages and have them transcribed for sending. And turn-by-turn directions will include an option for voice guidance.

New Features of People Hub and Office Hub

Citing the same source, PocketNow has a second post briefly describing new features of the People Hub and Office Hub in Windows Phone.

The People Hub will now include native integration of Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, and AOL Messenger. A slide show on Business Insider that lists the new features also mentions Twitter integration into the People Hub.

There will also be a group messaging feature.

The Office Hub will integrate Microsoft's cloud services: Office365, a online office suite, SkyDrive, for online storage and syncing of files, and Sharepoint, an online content management system.

May 24th Event to Preview New Features

According to CoolSmartPhone, there will be a VIP event in New York City on May 24 to preview new features of Windows Phone 7.5 (code-named Mango), giving us a better picture of how much of the above will make it into this next version.

Fix Posted for Phones Damaged by Update Hack

Chris Walsh infamously released a hack that would let people update their phones with the current "NoDo" update without having to wait for Microsoft to release it. The hack worked, but then Microsoft said that any phones that had been hacked would no longer be able to receive future updates.

Unfortunately, I was one of the many people who pointed Windows Phone users to this hack. So now he's released a fix that will repair your phone and restore the ability to update.

US Today App Available

A free and official app for USA Today is now available in the Marketplace. Read more on USA Today website. The app offers news, sports scores, weather, photos, and more.

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