More on WP7 Update Problems; Verizon HTC Trophy to be World Phone

After suspending the rollout of the Windows Phone 7 update because of problems it was causing, Microsoft began rolling it out again last week. This week I’ll update you on that as well as point to some hardware tidbits related to the Verizon HTC Trophy, LG Quantum on sale for a penny, and the latest rumors on the Nokia phones.

Windows Phone 7 Update Rollout Continues

Last week Microsoft said that only 100 Windows Phone users had problems with the update, and began rolling it out again. Microsoft also posted a workaround for those having problems, which entails removing media and apps from the device before applying the update. Late in the week Windows Phone Central reported that some Samsung users were still having problems updating.

Again, this update isn’t the anticipated update, called NoDo, that adds features such as copy and paste, but is a pre-update that will facilitate the NoDo update.

The update is expected to start coming to AT&T’s Samsung Focus this week. Interestingly, according to Window Phone Central, Microsoft may be making available both the pre-NoDo update and NoDo update to this device.

Nokia Phone in 2012; Verizon Phone to be World Phone

On the hardware side, the news is mixed. PocketNow posted that it’s not likely that we’ll see a Windows Phone from Nokia until 2012, because those phones are dependent on the so-called Mango update — and that update may not arrive in 2011.

There’s a lot of excitement regarding the forthcoming CDMA phones, with a lot of attention on the Verizon HTC Trophy, which is rumored to be coming in June. And now the rumors are even better. It appears that it will be a world phone.

As you may know, most countries use GSM rather than CDMA, and apparently the Trophy will be able to take on a GSM SIM card, such that you’ll be able to use it on GSM networks abroad.

Read more on Windows Phone Central.

AT&T LG Quantum for a Penny

I hope it doesn’t mean that the phones are selling poorly and AT&T is needing to give them away in order to move them. But as you can see on AT&T’s website, the phone is now $0.01 after an online discount and with a two-year contract.

The phone has a slideout QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 3.5-inch screen.

Free Flickr App Now Available

Flickr recently released a Flickr app for Windows Phone 7. You can see a video demo on the Flickr website. The app lest you browse your photos, upload them from within the app, share them via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc., geo-tag your photos, and view other geo-tagged photos.

Microsoft’s “What If†Ads

Microsoft has been working hard to market its new platform and has created some “What If†ads that people are finding quite effective. The first one showed the device and features. The latest one gives a little more extended look and includes testimonials.

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