News and Demos of WP7 Update, Verizon HTC Trophy Rumors, Recent Software

Quite a lot of Windows Phone 7 users now have the copy & paste update, but the rollout is still plodding along, and some people are still having problems. This week we’ll look at the latest news on that as well as demo videos of the copy-and-paste function and the speed boost. We’ll also note rumors of an April 15 launch for the Verizon HTC Trophy, and some new software releases.

Demos of Windows Phone 7 Update

PocketNow has put together a couple videos showing an updated Windows Phone 7 in action. This first video shows the copy/paste feature and how you can use it to paste multiple times. And this second video shows a speed comparison between LG Optimus 7 phones, one with the update and one without. The difference appears to be pretty significant.

Update Comes to T-Mobile, Dell Devices; Tool Fixes Update Errors

Last week Microsoft began rolling out the Windows Phone 7 update for the Dell Venue Pro. Plus, that device will apparently also soon be getting a second update that will fix some of the hardware issues that have surfaced.

And Microsoft also began rolling it out for T-Mobile’s HTC HD7. As of yesterday, the update was still in the testing phase for AT&T devices. You can see the update schedule on Microsoft’s website.

Some of those receiving the update are experiencing problems, and Microsoft last week released a Windows Phone Support Tool to assist with those errors.

Also, be forewarned that the update takes quite a bit of hard disk space on your desktop computer. Read more on PocketNow.

Microsoft Apologizes for Update Problems

Last week a Microsoft exec apologized for the problems with the rollout of the Windows Phone 7 update. You can read about the saga on the SiliconAngle website, as well as a transcript of the interview in which Joe Belfiore acknowledged the problems and apologized for them.

Hacks Let You Update without Waiting

Of course, some impatient hackers have figured out how to get the Windows Phone 7 update without waiting, and without jailbreaking their device.

A post on PocketNow points to a blog post with instructions on how this can be done using the recently released Windows Phone Support Tool. And a second post on PocketNow shows another trick from the XDA Developers website.

Rumors of Verizon HTC Trophy Coming April 15

Hints of the April 15 arrival of Verizon’s HTC Trophy have been appearing online, with the Phandroid website posting Verizon’s spring roadmap showing the device, and PocketNow pointing to other hints.

Recent Apps

Microsoft has reported that 36,000 developers have now paid for the Windows Phone Developer Tools — a good sign that there’s strong interest in creating apps for this platform.

ESPN Score Center is now available for Windows Phone 7. This is a great app for checking the latest scores. Read more on the Windows Team blog, and download it from the marketplace.

Also, there’s now a YouMail app for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile that gives you visual voicemail. Read more on AppsFuze. And if you’re interesting in streaming music to your phone, Rhapsody is now available.

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