Reviews of Sprint HTC Arrive; Windows Phone Software Roundup

Sprint’s HTC Arrive went on sale Sunday, and quite a few reviews have already appeared. In addition to pointing you to the reviews, this week we’ll note Wirefly’s $49.99 price for this device and touch on a range of useful apps for Windows Phone 7.

Sprint HTC Arrive Now Available

Sprint is now offering the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC Arrive, which became available March 20. While Sprint is selling it for $199.99, with a two-year contract and after a $100 rebate, Wirefly has it for $49.99 for new accounts and $149.99 if you’re upgrading.

The Arrive, which is similar to the GSM-based HTC 7 Pro, has a slideout QWERTY keyboard, 3.6-inch WVGA screen, and 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p high definition video. Also, it comes with the new upgrade to Windows Phone 7, such that it has copy-and-paste out of the box.

You can see a review and demo video on ZDNet, as well as an image gallery. The keyboard gets high marks, but reviewer Matthew Miller dislikes the fact that a large number of apps and hubs only work in portrait mode. Turn the phone sideways to use the keyboard, and the app doesn’t shift to landscape mode — which he says looks ridiculous.

Phone Scoop offers a video tour of the Arrive, and describes it as a “chubby little phone,†thanks to the weight and thickness that results from a slideout keyboard.

Zach Epstein, at Boy Genius Report, offers a review and photos. Bottom line: it’s his favorite Windows Phone 7 device so far — by a wide margin. He’s tested them all, and says the display is “fantastic†and that the keyboard is the best he’s used.

What’s not to like? Again, he mentions the problem with landscape mode, and also he wishes it were compatible with Sprint’s 4G network. He recommends the device but suggests waiting to see what’s announced at the CTIA trade show this week.

PocketNow offers their usual trio of videos: unboxing, hardware tour, and software tour. The software, they say, has some surprises. In particular, it comes with Telenav, a popular turn-by-turn navigation app.

On the hardware side, they like the Dolby SRS WOW HD surround sound and the spring-loaded tilting 3.6 inch Super LCD, which together can give a great Netflix experience.

Windows Phone App Roundup

At a recent technology event in Austin, Microsoft showed off a selection of apps, including some games. Check out the post on PCWorld if you’re looking for some worthy apps to put on your phone. They include Zagat, The Weather Channel, eBay, Live Share, and Runkeeper.

Also, in a Microsoft video of the Xbox Event, they demo a couple forthcoming games: Doodle Jump and Fable Coin Golf. In addition, Microsoft has released another app: MSN Onit, a lifestyle app for men that aggregates information of interest to this particular audience: girls, cars, gadgets, fitness, lifestyle, and humor.

For more software tips, PocketNow regularly posts an app roundup, in which they offer 30-second demos of five top apps.

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