The State of Windows Phone 7, Rumors of Nokia Partnership, Free App

There were lots of interesting reports and rumors the past couple weeks, including a rumor that Microsoft will partner with Nokia and that Windows Phone 7 will replace Nokia’s Symbian software. This week we’ll take a look at sales of Windows Phone 7, note the latest on the data hog issue, look ahead to the features of the upcoming update, and point to a free app from Microsoft.

Will Nokia Adopt Windows Phone 7?

It may be rumor, but it was convincing enough that Nokia’s shares climbed all last week. Whatever happens, it sounds like a great idea.

According to a report in the New York Times, Nokia’s stock rose 4 percent on the rumors. The article said that Nokia’s share of the cell phone market has been losing ground as consumers increasingly shift to smartphones. And Microsoft is struggling to find a place for Windows Phone 7 in this highly competitive market.

So why not partner? Forbes posted an open letter from an investment analyst for a top German bank that strongly encouraged the companies to do just that.

The State of Windows Phone 7

So where do things stand, now that the platform has been out for three months? Microsoft announced recently that they’d sold 2 million Windows Phone 7 licenses to manufacturers. Some found that encouraging, others pointed out that we still don’t have any idea how many phones have actually been sold. According to the Seattle Times, a product manager for T-Mobile says that they’re satisfied with their Windows Phone 7 sales. But Business Insider has reported that the older Windows Mobile 7 devices are actually outselling Windows Phone 7 devices.

In terms of the functionality and performance of Windows Phone 7 devices, Ars Technica has a great article giving a three-month report card for the new platform. The bottom line: it works well on a day-to-day basis, with an attractive and well thought out interface. But the writer complains that it’s taken three months for the first update.

Data Usage Problem Traced to Yahoo Mail

After some Windows Phone 7 users kept complaining that their data usage was much higher than it should be, Microsoft eventually acknowledged that there was a problem and that they were trying to track it down.

And they finally did. The culprit is: Yahoo Mail. It sends 25 times more data than it should. Yahoo shot back, saying that the problem was Microsoft’s nonstandard implementation of IMAP. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

First Update Imminent

The first Windows Phone 7 update is imminent, and this blog post has a nice overview of what’s expected: mainly copy/paste and a speed boost. PocketNow has posted a video showing in an emulator how the copy/paste feature will work.

Microsoft Releases Free App for Windows Phone

Microsoft recently released Insider, which appears to be quite a useful app. It offers tips, tricks, and how-to’s; points you to useful apps; gives you access to wallpapers; and lets you track your Twitter and Facebook updates.

Good article, Jim.I never

Good article, Jim.

I never expected to like or even use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, but after spending some real time with it I think it works great for a 1.0 and has great potential.

I have been using 2 different WP7 phones for the last week or so and I am impressed with the fledgling OS. It lacks a lot of detail and the phone hardware seems lacking by today's standards but that has not detracted from using the phone experience as much as I expected.

Now that Nokia and Microsoft have officially announced their partnership, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the main players in the mobile industry and the tech industry as a whole.

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