Update Rolls Out Slowly, AT&T HD7S Coming, Reviews of Sprint Arriv


One of the biggest complaints about Windows Mobile was the lack of timely updates, and the first update for Windows Phone isn’t encouraging. This week we’ll cover the latest news on that, look briefly at the upcoming AT&T HD7S, and note some more reviews of the Sprint Arrive.

Update Begins Rolling Out

Last week Microsoft began making available the long-awaited update to Windows Phone 7. This first update includes copy & paste and a speed boost. According to Microsoft, the update was first being made available to those who are using unlocked phones — that is, phones that aren’t tied to a particular carrier.

Microsoft randomly selects individuals and notifies them via their phone that an update is available. As this first batch of phones is updated, Microsoft is monitoring how it’s progressing, And if all goes well, the update will be rolled out more widely. Microsoft deliberately updates in batches in order to make sure that the update is as problem-free as possible.

PocketNow has a post explaining the rollout process. First Microsoft develops the update, then tailors it for specific carriers, then the carriers test it to make sure it works, then Microsoft fixes any issues, then makes the update gradually available.

This likely explains why the unlocked phones got it first: no need for testing by the carriers.

Micosoft’s Update Schedule

If you’re curious where things stand with a particular device, Microsoft has posted a schedule that shows what stage a particular update is in. There’s a schedule for U.S. phones and one for international phones.

There had been a curious situation where the carriers seemed to be blaming Microsoft for the delays, and Microsoft was blaming the carriers. Now with this posted schedule, it’s clear whose court the ball is in.

The schedule is being updated once a week. So how long will it take? Some reports said that it could be the end of April before some European carriers get the update.

All this is sort of depressing — and reminiscent of the sort of problems with Windows Mobile that everyone hoped would be a thing of the past with the arrival of Windows Phone 7. But maybe since this is the first update, and a new platform, the situation is an exception rather than the rule. We can only hope.

AT&T DH7S Coming Soon

The big news out of the CTIA trade show last week was the announcement that AT&T will be offering the HTC HD7 as the HD7S in the coming weeks. No clunky slideout QWERTY keyboard for this phone. It’s touch all the way, with a big 4.3-inch screen. This form factor seems to be the most popular and has already been available via T-Mobile as the HD7.

It comes with a 5-megapixel camera, 16GB of memory, 1Ghz processor, Dolby Mobile and SRS WOW audio. It will ship with the latest update (copy & paste) installed.

More reviews of the Sprint HTC Arrive

PocketNow has posted a detailed review of Sprint’s HTC Arrive, including videos. And PhoneArena has a thorough review that explains the pros and cons.

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