Verizon, Sprint Windows Phones Coming in June; Software News

According to news reports, Windows Phones will by coming from Verizon and Sprint at the end of June, with photos and videos of the forthcoming devices starting to appear online. This week we’ll also look at Microsoft’s planned updates for Windows Phone 7, and the recent release of a Kindle app and Xbox Live apps.

Windows Phones Coming from Verizon and Sprint

Microsoft didn’t have much to announce at the annual Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas last week, but CEO Steve Ballmer did say that that the Windows Phone software was being readied for phones from Verizon and Sprint. And the Seattle Times reported that these phones would be coming by June 30.

What phones can you expect? Likely the HTC 7 Pro. There’s been buzz online for several months, and now a video of this CDMA phone has appeared on The Unwired. The video gives you a good view of the tilting, slideout QWERTY keyboard, such that this device can be used as sort of a mini laptop. It has a 3.6-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting HD video. The Unwired says that it’ll be coming from Sprint.

PhoneScoop also has information and photos of the HTC 7 Pro taken during CES.

Windows Phone Updates

Given all the rumors floating around about Microsoft’s update plans, they have now themselves posted a page saying what’s in the works. Not much is revealed so far: copy/paste coming soon, efforts to speed up apps, and better marketplace searching.

Of course, if you want more detailed information, you can find that on rumor sites based on tips from insiders. Check out Windows Phone Secrets, which has posted information about expected Windows Phone updates in 2011. The site says that we can expect the copy/paste feature this month and, later in the year, an update that includes a new rendering engine, HTML 5, and gesture support.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Windows Phone 7 is the courage Microsoft showed in scrapping Windows Mobile and designing new software from the ground up that could compete with the consumer-friendly phones that were dominating the market. You can read an interesting article about this on the Wired website.

Software News Includes 11 Xbox Live Titles, Kindle App

The Seattle Times article mentioned above says that customer satisfaction with the phones is high, and that there are now 5,000 apps in their marketplace, with 100 apps being added each day.

At last week’s CES, Microsoft announced 11 Xbox Live titles for Windows Phone. If you’re an avid gamer, check out the article on PocketNow.

Also, last week a Kindle app appeared in the marketplace. This free ebook reader includes Whispersync, such that it remembers where you are in the book even if you've been reading it on a Kindle ebook reader or your desktop computer.

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