Verizon Windows Phone Now Listed Online, Windows Phone Tips


We've weathered a lot of false rumors regarding the arrival of a Windows Phone Verizon, but now it looks like it's really going to happen. Soon. This week I'll also point you to some handy Windows Phone 7 tips from the developers themselves. And we'll look at the latest steps Nokia has taken in pursuit of their Windows Phone offerings.

HTC Trophy from Verizon

Sprint came out with the first CDMA phone in March, and many have been waiting for Verizon's offering, the HTC Trophy. Now it finally appears to be imminent.

Clue number 1 is that the phone is listed on Verizon's website as "coming soon." Clue number 2 is a rumor that Verizon employees are receiving training on Windows Phone in preparation for the launch. And clue number 3 is that Verizon has created a forum for Windows Phone 7 users.

The Trophy has a 3.8-inch WVGA display, 5-megapixel camera, and a 1 GHz processor.

Microsoft Engineers Share Windows Phone 7 Tips

It's nice to see the engineers at Microsoft making efforts to help consumers get the most out of their Windows Phone.

In a post on the Windows Team Blog, the engineer who led the development of the onscreen keyboard gives seven tips for saving time and getting the most out of it. You can, for example, simply double-tap the space bar at the end of a sentence in order to automatically add a period and begin the next sentence with a capital. And tapping the "+" in the suggestion bar teaches your phone a new word. The keyboard also has hidden menus that you can see by tapping and holding various keys, such as the period.

Also, an interesting article on the Microsoft Research site explains how the keyboard uses "machine learning" to intelligently correct what you're typing. The goal is to let you tap quickly and not necessarily precisely, and that the device itself then translates the quickly typed approximation into intelligible text. This is quite impressive.

In addition, an engineer has posted his three favorite tips for using Internet Explorer Mobile. They include how to search faster, how to create and customize a shortcut tile, and how to view the desktop version of a website rather than a mobile optimized version.

Nokia Continues to Shift Focus, Microsoft Lures iPhone Developers

Microsoft is, of course, losing money on Windows Phone 7. But the company tends to take the long view: it took six years for Xbox to be profitable. PocketNow offers a helpful perspective on the situation.

And in an effort to boost the number of apps, even though there are now 15,000, Macworld reports that Microsoft recently made tools available that make it easy to port iPhone apps to Windows Phone.

From its side, Nokia continues the painful but necessary shift to Windows Phone 7, cutting 12% of their workforce and transferring the 3,000 employees responsible for the old Symbian platform for Nokia phones to a Accenture, a technology consulting organization.

They still have a lot of catching-up to do, but it's clear that Microsoft and Nokia are committed to making this work and being a player in the mobile arena.

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