Bluetooth Headsets

One of the most considered add-ons to your Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone (or any wireless phone for that matter) is a Bluetooth Headset. There are a multitude of reasons to justify the purchasing of one. A few of them are:

- If you have a Pocket PC Phone, you certainly aren't too inclined to to hold a bulky phone (AKA: brick) up to your ear.
- Regardless of platform, you need to use a hands-free device to drive safely or multi-task.
- Sometimes your device of choice just doesn't quite cut it in terms of voice quality, so you hope that you can get a better experience through a headset.

Living in California, using a hands-free device while driving is now law. I'm not a big fan of having to use the phone while driving, but as of late, I have had the need to converse on my commutes to and from work quite a bit and not to use a headset was not a viable option for me as well as for the sake for highway safety.

In the coming days I will go over a selection of headsets I've went through in the past 4 weeks and tell you what I liked and didn't like from them. Can you imagine with the folks in Customer Service at my local electronics store must've thought of me! I will mention this though, I started out with 2 headsets that I've tested last year and know work well for me which are Cardo's Scala 500 Samsung's WEP200 and - and the only reason I'm having to do this is because in my most recent of moves, I must've misplaced the chargers for both of them!
Scala 500WEP200
I drive a convertible so you can imagine that the road noise I experience whether the top is up or down is quite more than what the average driver has to deal with. Also because I have a 45 minute-1 hour commute to and from work, comfort and battery life plays an important factor. Which will I find that can topple my 2 selections? Stay tuned and find out!

Side note about this though (and please don't take this too seriously!): Sometimes I wonder for the need of some people to have to wear it all the time... I'm not sure if it plays a "coolness factor" for some lifestyles (then that would make it yet another reason for some people to purchase one)... sometimes it makes me think that I'm an extra in a bad Star Trek episode and I'm seeing many being assimilated by the Borg! But that's just me :)

I always have the Plantronics Pulsar 590A on me. Excellent A2DP sound quality with the Widcomm BT stack - a pleasure to listen to music through them.

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