I'm here!


Hello to all of you who know me from my usergroup: Mobile Computing SIG of Northern California), Mobile Gadget News , Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show's "The Mobile Community Series" , as well as the many other enthusiast sites and newsgroups where you may have seen me post under the moniker "reydiodj."

My name is Rey Flores and I am currently working as a Client Engineer for UCSF Medical Center where I happen to specialize in Handheld/Mobile support. I am also the Chair for the Mobile Computing SIG of Northern CA, a senior editor for MobileGadgetNews.com, and Co-Host for the Mobile Community Series as featured on the Computer Outlook Radio Talk Show, have judged for Smartphone Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software Awards and contributed to this year's GPS round-up.

In addtion, I have received Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award/title for the past 3 years for having shared my enthusiasm and advice with the community.

I am honored to have been asked to join Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine's Blog team. I hope to contribute my take on the latest developments in the Windows Mobile space, share my experiences, and of course, welcome some lively discussions with all of you.

Oh, and if you're curious about my device above (and who wouldn't be!), it is indeed an i-mate JASJAR (BKA: HTC Universal) - as for the customization...yes, it has been Kei Styled!!! More on that in my next post!

Like the MVP badge on the phone ;) Being an MVP too myself, I'm surely interested in the mod.

And, of course, welcome :)

Welcome aboard!!! (from a non-MVP)

Hi Rey:

Good to see you finally active in this area. So is the Jasjar your device of choice currently?

Has anyone @ Microsoft seen your pimped up unit yet?

May encourage them to add the MVP logo to a new device like the Zune.

Hint, hint. . .

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